Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service (IBD SA)


Flinders Private

Ph: (08) 8276 9888
1 Flinders Drive Bedford Park, SA 5042

Tennyson Centre

Ph: (08) 8292 2370
520 South Road, Kurralta Park, SA 5037

Calvary Adelaide Hospital

Ph: (08) 8359 2411
Level 5, 120 Angas Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

480 Specialist Centre

Ph: (08) 8465 6370
480 North East Road, Windsor Gardens, SA 5087

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Coordinated and supportive care for patients with Crohn’s and colitis.

Inflammatory bowel disease is a chronic condition affecting all ages, although it is most commonly diagnosed in under 30s. A lifelong condition that cannot be cured, the aim of treatment is to achieve remission or control of the disease so that patients can have a normal life.

There are many ways in which Crohn’s and colitis can be managed. These include medications, diet, and maintaining good mental health. A supportive environment for the patient is critical, so we have a service that aims to achieve this.

We have two dedicated IBD nurses, Kerrie Moss (Tennyson Centre and Calvary Adelaide Hospital) and Jean Fittock (Tennyson Centre), who specialise in inflammatory bowel disease. They can provide further support, particularly for patients who require more complex medications and therapies.

Our gastroenterologists are all trained in the management of Crohn’s and colitis, and the following specialists also have a particular interest in this area:

  • Associate Professor Peter Bampton (Tennyson Centre, 480 Specialist Centre and Calvary Adelaide Hospital)
  • Dr Laurie Chitti (Western Hospital)
  • Dr Sam Edwards (Flinders Private and Tennyson Centre)
  • Dr Chris Hrycek (Flinders Private)
  • Dr Marc Le Mire (480 Specialist Centre, Calvary Adelaide Hospital and Tennyson Centre)
  • Dr Hamish Philpott (480 Specialist Centre and Calvary Adelaide Hospital)
  • Dr Arvind Rajagopalan (Tennyson Centre and 480 Specialist Centre)
  • Dr Paul Spizzo (Tennyson Centre, 480 Specialist Centre and Calvary Adelaide Hospital)

Our dietitians, Jenny Carney (Tennyson Centre, 480 Specialist Centre and Flinders Private) and Nick Wray (Flinders Private and Western Hospital), have a special interest in nutrition and the gut and work closely with our gastroenterologists.

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