What is psychology?

Psychology is the science of behaviour and mind. Psychologists explore behaviour and mental processes.

What conditions do psychologists help with?

Psychologists work with a range of conditions, but ours work specifically with patients undergoing bariatric or weight loss surgery and procedures.

Bariatric surgery brings with it many changes, not only to weight, but also eating, habits, routine, and often ways to cope or deal with emotion. A psychologist can assist patients to navigate these changes, towards being as physically and emotionally healthy as they can be – maximising the benefits of surgery. Services are offered both before and after surgery.

What is covered in psychology sessions?

Sessions are individualised and may include helping to make changes in habits, as well as an adaptive mindset to weight loss surgery. The aim is to help people bring in positive changes to their lifestyle and mindset prior to surgery, move forward to surgery confidently, and assist patients to thrive post-surgery.

Appointments are offered throughout the week as well as after hours and on weekends, and can be done in person or via phone, skype and facetime, which offers flexibility, convenience, and effectiveness.

Find out more about psychological treatments

To find out more about psychological treatments during weight loss and bariatric surgery, talk to one of our psychologists today.